Experience the retreat at river Una

MLIN suites are located right on the river Una with a breathtaking view over untouched nature and unforgettable view on the river Una itself. Suites are composed of two accommodating units in which accommodates up to six individuals with separate bath and toilettes. Large windows complement the view from the suites as well as tall ceiling all made in wood. Suites are equipped with TV and air conditioning with. Right under these suites, you can enjoy the restaurant MLIN embedded in nature offering international as well as domestic cuisine. Apart from MLIN suites located on the river UNA, our offer also includes suites located 300 meters walking distance from the restaurant MLIN. These suites are located in a calm neighborhood, surrounded by nature and well isolated from the city noise. These newly built suites are composed of three separate accommodating units with a total capacity of 22 single beds.

For more information, contact this number +387/62/520-465.