something about our roots

Restaurant “MLIN”- Orljani, Bihać, is situated at the right entrance from Sarajevo to Bihać, on the AVNOJ, M5 street. It is built on the breathtaking island of river Una, on the exact same spot that used to be historic watermill, owned by family Karabegovic for over a century.

The origins of the restaurant owner and his family is interlinked with centre of the Bihać town, which used to situate old watermill- dating back to before second world war. Back in time, as the need for production expanded, so did demand for watermills. This lead to one of the Karabegović family members -Ilijas Karabegović, building an additional flour watermill on river Una, place Orljani (the exact same spot you are located today). Karabegović miller together with his sons, and later on grandchildren, was fully operating on that watermill all until the end of last century. The watermill represented the main income for the family at the time, which enabled younger generations of the family to financially educate themselves and gradually transit from traditional miller job, which was a trademark for this family. The era of electrical power in rural areas  enabled mass production of flour, which made the water mill not that essential to operate and maintain.

As this watermill was not producing flour anymore, the last three generations of Karabegovic family were not traditional millers, which was the trademark of the family. As the time passed by, it left its mark on the old building which use to be the watermill, until the last remains vanished.

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Even though the younger generations left the traditional miller trade, this was still a part of them, but the new era represented a challenge to incorporate this tradition in modern age. This was until one of the grandchildren of Ilijas Karabegović had an idea how to use the land of his ancestors, while still keeping the traditions to a certain extent, and provide a service that would go in line with this modern era while providing income for his family.

The idea that he had has led to a restaurant called "Mlin", commemorating the tradition of the  family together and incorporating a fully functioning watermill that you can see in the restaurant. The restaurant is made of wood complimenting the nature surrounding it and as such has existed for 20 years.

Today, in the restaurant "Mlin", Orljani, Bihać, besides  delicious and traditional homemade food the restaurant has to offer, this family also features accommodation in one of the newly built apartments.

The family Karabegović offers a good  quality rest with traditional tasty food and the modern accommodations located on the emerald waterfalls of river Una.

Enjoy the nature, with us at your service.